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할인내역 11,000 원
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할인가 8,800
적립금 88원
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3~12개월 5만원이상
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3~12개월 5만원이상
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배송비 택배50,000원 이상 구매 시 무료
아티스트 Carole King
발매일 2017.04.21
제작사 Sony Music
레이블 Sony Music
미디어구분 CD
Cat.No 8803581145670
모델명 S40303C
총 상품금액 8,800
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강력 추천하는 컬렉션! [THE REAL… CAROLE KING]

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[DISC 1]

01. I Feel the Earth Move

02. Nightingale

03. Brother, Brother

04. There's A Space Between Us

05. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

06. Been to Canaan

07. Jazzman

08. High Out Of Time

09. Really Rosie

10. I Can't Hear You No More

11. That's How Things Go Down

12. Still Here Thinking Of You

13. Goin' Back

14. The First Day In August

15. No Easy Way Down

16. Where You Lead

[DISC 2]

01. It's Going to Take Some Time

02. The Best Is Yet To Come

03. Corazón

04. Believe In Humanity

05. Way over Yonder

06. Fantasy End

07. You've Been Around Too Long

08. Too Much Rain

09. Child of Mine

10. You Light Up My Life

11. I Think I Can Hear You

12. It's Gonna Work Out Fine

13. Music

14. Stand Behind Me

15. Sweet Seasons

16. Can't You Be Real

[DISC 3]

01. It's Too Late

02. Come Down Easy

03. Only Love Is Real

04. Up On the Roof - Carole King with James Taylor

05. Some Kind of Wonderful

06. One Was Johnny

07. I'd Like To Know You Better

08. Gotta Get Through Another Day

09. A Quiet Place To Live

10. Back to California

11. So Far Away

12. Sweet Sweetheart

13. You Gentle Me

14. Peace In the Valley

15. You're Something New

16. My Lovin' Eyes

17. You've Got a Friend

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